How to Teach Your Puppy To Sit?

How To Teach Your Puppy to Sit?

One of the initial commands you will teach your dog or puppy is “sit”. This command is foundation of training is useful for teaching your dog other skills. It is important to teach positive obedience and helps in preventing jumping, chasing, dominance and excessive barking.

It is very simple to teach and helps establish your bond. Depending upon puppy’s attention span and breed, these training sessions can be either once a day or broken up throughout the day into multiple sessions.

If you are eager to teach your puppy to sit, the following step-by-step guide works like a charm.

How To Teach Your Puppy to Sit?

Start in a Quite Place

It is important to choose a quite place especially when starting the training. You can add distractions later once he understands the new command.

Hold a Treat in your Hand

Cut the treats into fingertip size nibbles and these treats should be the ones he loves the most and only gets during training. Hold the treat in your hand and move it in front of your puppy’s mouth and nose until you get his attention. Instead of treat, you can use any toy also or something your puppy loves to eat.

Do not hold it too high that he will try to jump to get it. Hold within his reach and hold it tightly so that he cannot get it. Let him sniff and nibble.

It is not necessary to use treats to train your puppy. You can use anything your puppy loves to eat. I trained my puppy to sit on command using cerelac.

how to teach puppy to sit

Make your Puppy Sit

Once your dog is focused, slowly move the treat up and slightly behind their head. This will cause your puppy to move backward before eventually sitting. As his nose follows the treat, his furry bottom must touch the ground to keep falling over. As soon as your puppy’s butts fall down on the ground, happily say “Good Sit” or “Good Boy/Girl” and reward him with a treat to let him know that was the correct behavior.

Repeat this Process

  • Repeat this exercise several times each day. Within short time, your puppy learns that he can get treat by simply touching his butts on the ground as you say “sit”.
  • Once they know the word command “Sit”, pair it with hand signal. By using the word command with the same hand signal each time, he will start associating the hand signal with the command without even treat and hence perform the behavior and then be rewarded with the treat.
  • Eventually ask for the “sit” without rewarding and offer the treat only every third or fourth time. This is called “Intermittent Rewards”.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t spend too long in a training session. Designate about 15-20 minutes per training session to teach this command.
  • Never punish your puppy for not learning quickly enough.
  • Avoid forcing your dog into sit sit position and never force your dog to sit for long periods of time.


Practice these steps regularly and encourage your puppy to sit before meals, when you are putting collar on and other situations when you want them to be calm and well behaved.

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